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The 2023 Novel prize is opening for entries soon! Right now, we're working hard to put the 2022 Longlist in the hands of the best agents in the business. We're also working to ensure that the entry and judging process is smoother than ever, so there are some big changes coming for this year. We're switching to a more seamless entry portal that won't require logging in to submit. We're also going to be focusing more on brokering agent introductions and championing the work of even more authors than in years previous, and as such, will not be offering feedback for the 2023 season through the competition set-up.

We know this comes as unwelcomed news to some, but we feel that as we continue to grow and develop our presence within the industry, we can be of far more use to far more authors by working hard to create an environment where agents and directly introduced to work they're seeking from talented authors, helping to reshape the pitching process from the ground up.

2023 is going to be exciting, and we cannot wait to share our new vision for Grindstone with you. So, get polishing those manuscripts, because the competition will be more fierce than ever, and there are agents waiting to read your work!

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