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Previous winners

2022 Novel Prize

(Winner) Jess Richardson - Parhelia, (Runner Up) Anna Harvey - World of Men, (Shortlist) Melissa Levine - Water Your Own Garden, Simone Martel - Zarzamora, Abilene Potts - Junk Love, Sarah Dittmore - White Walls, (Longlist) Roberto Pitea - Benghazi days, Camille Goering - The One You Feed, Jacqueline Owens - Vividwater, Patricia Holland - Where Cyclones Go to Die, Sheila Boniface Davies - (un)settled, Sarah Hegarty - A Thousand Grains, Jan-Erik Barnegren - Virgin, Roger Grant - Gray Matter, Afarin Majidi - Ziba, Jon Byrne - Brothers of the Sword, Nneoma Ike-Njoku - The Water House, Rowena Bermingham - The Other Party, Sandra Stringer - The Big Belt of Happiness, Alyssa Jordan - Year of Night, Joy Notoma - The Gods Become Her, Luke Shepherd - Blue Silent Freedom, Elise Van Lil - Ablaze, Daniel John-henry - The Sun's Anvil, Susannah Waters - Summerland,

2021 Novel Prize

(Winner) Jan Richman - Free Ms. Greene, (Runner Up) Jeremy Klughaupt - The Boy-King of Zion, (Shortlist) Poppy Greenwood - 12 Lobsters
Marsha Mildon - Dance Me A Revolution, Nora Studholme - A Silent Story, Viktoria Dahill - Compassion Fatigue, (Longlist) Aaron Kreuter - Lake Burntshore, Hayley Dunning - The Inheritance Game, Zilla Jones - The World So Wide, Amy Dillmann - The Umbrella Maker's Apprentice, Penny Grace Young - Forty Flowers, Dienye Asita - Beyond Azure Skies, Frannie James - The Sylvan Hotel - A Seattle Story, Alice Coubrough - The Hiding Place, Chloë Walford - Three Seasons of Observation, Pavan Bhullar - Birds, Tim Mongiat - Futuretech, Amy Edmunds - Recovering Verity, Mahmud El Sayed - A Ship Called Revolution, Russell Day - The Perception of Dolls, Sureka Thanenthiran - Odd Ones Out, Elodie Olson-Coons - The Underlake, Wendy Yim - The Butcher's Apprentice, 
Josephine Sarvaas - The Last Tiger, Eve Naden - Mudlark

2020 Novel Prize

(Winner) Seagull Pie - Sandra Jensen, (RunnerUp) Original Sins - Linda McLaughlin, (Shortlist) When The Black Rain Falls - Rachel Blackmore, Nadia - Christine Evans, Milkflower - Cara Marks, The Last Drover Of Lewis - Lucy Alexander, (Longlist) The Truth Inside You - Amy Barrett Ghost Girl, Banana - Wiz Wharton, Tumbling - Janelle Morris, An Infamous Seduction - Glenda Cooper, Umberto - Harriet Avery, A Bad Decade For Good People - Joe Bedford, Tiny Little Heroes - Cathy Adams, The Girl In The Maze - Cathy Hayward, Saviour Of The Broken - Ilana Lindsey, Negroes and Jews are Hereby Declared Aliens - Annie Dawid, What Passes Through - Ally Wilkes, The Confession - Patricia Easton, Simulacrum - Briony Collins, The Fragility Of Meaning - David Hanson, Severed - Cesar Montufar, Fireworks and Hurricanes - Cory Ingram, Three Eleven - Margaret Grant, Hunted - Brandon Reed Sherman, Hollow Hill - Antony Dunford, Ava - Stephen Gibbin, Shotline - Paul Baird, The Handyman’s Rules - Kerry Cox, Persons and Reasons - Ruru Hoong, The Dark Night Of The Blue Butterfly - Tracey McEvoy

2019 Novel Prize

(Winner) Wahala - Nikki May, (Runner Up) God Of Thunder - Vincent Stoia, (Shortlist) Still Young - Jemma Stewart, Untold - Fiona Longsdon

The Penninsula - Trish McGrath, Dome 83 - Cara Schultz, Cuckoo - Anna Hickman, Postmark Guernsey, 1945 - Sarah Hawthorn

2018 Novel Prize

(Winner) The Thing About Max - Claire Owen, (Runner Up) The Lyre and the Longships - Elizabeth Prize, (Shortlist) Havock - Dan Forrester, Scuzzling - CR Berry, Eleven Bodies - Rachel McHale, Irredeemable - Naomi Rebis, Live for Today - SA Solomon, (Longlist) Absent from the Photograph - Tim Macedo-Hatch, Agency - Stephanie Hutton, Bloodline/Murmurs of the Earth - Nick Van Der Leek, Bronte's Mistress - Finola Austin, Elbow Street - Barbara Robinson, Faces Behind the Grille - Lorraine Buck, Mako Bay - Stephanie Ruth, Money Bear - Kerry Cox, Siege Portrait - Molly Gartland, Static - Peter Coles, The Commune - Lucy McLaren, The Last Card - Tip Finch

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