2019 Prize Winners

2019 Novel Prize



Wahala - Nikki May

Runner Up

God Of Thunder - Vincent Stoia


Still Young - Jemma Stewart

Untold - Fiona Longsdon

The Penninsula - Trish McGrath

Dome 83 - Cara Schultz

Cuckoo - Anna Hickman

Postmark Guernsey, 1945 - Sarah Hawthorn

Not Your Child
A Good Day to Die
Fail Deadly
Starting From Here
The Curator
The Last Days of Touch

2019 Short Story Prize


Pig Dog - Cara Schultz

Runner Up

Dark Roast - Lauren Everdell


I Know You - Anne Leigh Parish

Cycle - Oliver Bussell

Gauging The Temperature - Eamon O'Leary

Belief - Nancy Tompkins

The Perfect Wave - Jack Kelleher

The Habbit Of Art - Edward Barnfield

Pack Up Your Troubles
Are You There, Dear?
Burden of Truth 
Hair and Now 
The Spider and the Fly
The Long Road to Kinloch Garrie
Sarah and Sally 
The Good Old Days of Evil
Under the Big Tent 
The Garden

2019 Flash Fiction Prize


Patterns - Jim Noonan

Runner Up

The Squirrel House Is Not Full Of Nuts - Sherry Morris


Intractable - Michael Thompson

May Contain Nuts - Sarah McDermott

Artistry Of The Surgeon - Will Macmillan Jones

Nightlife - John Everex

The Rustling Of Leaves - Charlotte Bird

Like A Pendulum - Karmen Spiljak


2018 Prize Winners

2018 Novel Prize



The Thing about Max - Claire Owen

Runner Up

The Lyre and the Longships - Elizabeth Price


Havock - Dan Forrester
Scuzzling -  CR Berry
Eleven Bodies -  Rachel McHale
Irredeemable - Naomi Rebis
Live for Today - SA Solomon


Absent from the Photograph - Tim Macedo-Hatch
Agency - Stephanie Hutton
Bloodline/Murmurs of the Earth - Nick Van Der Leek
Bronte's Mistress - Finola Austin
Elbow Street - Barbara Robinson
Faces Behind the Grille - Lorraine Buck
Mako Bay - Stephanie Ruth
Money Bear - Kerry Cox
Siege Portrait - Molly Gartland
Static - Peter Coles
The Commune - Lucy McLaren
The Last Card - Tip Finch
Irredeemable - Naomi Rebis

2018 Short Story Prize


When Miracles End - K. Crocker

Runner Up

The God of Small Colours - Katie Reed


Baggage Allowance - Paul Brockbank
The Nightingale - Declan Wilk
Pet Hospital - Michael Thompson
Ignis - Thomas Firth


A Delicious Aroma Made Me Fall In Love - Eugenia Robusti
Alva - Erica Robb
Echoes and Awakenings - Gillian Robertson
Her Other Passion - James Woolf
Hew Own Woman - Lindsay Staniforth
Home Schooling - Shannon Savvas
Infinitesimal Footprints - Alden Etra
Numbers is Good - Brandt Scheidemantel
Setting Sail to the Edge of the World - Emma Reed
Soiled - Tony Leonard
Steer the Dark Skies - Niamh MacCabe
The Farewell Cabin - Alastair Hagger
The Fear - Michael Thompson

2018 Poetry Prize


The Alarming Decline of the Bobwhite - Mara Adamitz Scrupe

Runner Up

A Birth in Abaddon Vale - Andie Hughes


The Wait - Andreana Chan

A Bipolar Poem - Aaron Morris

Ephemerality - Hannah-Lee Osborn

Heartbreak - Amanda Adamson

The Waiting Room - Laura Purcell

White Stick - Joan Michelson


The Pencaitland Hoopoe - Stella Hervey Birrell

Song of the Wind - Jane Burn

Of Bridges - Anamaria Julia Dragomir

Lotus Moon - Stacey George

Lapland Blues - Bruce Marsland

Homes - Sam Barcock

Dismissal of the Birds - Josiah O'Brien

Dancefloor - Tom Woodhead

Break of Day - Simon Pocock

The Death of Bare Feet - Angela Kubinec

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