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Which is best: Copy and Paste or PDF Upload?

Hello there!

Looking for information on whether copy and pasting or uploading a PDF is the best way to enter our competitions? Well, you found it.

Do you use Google Docs to do your writing?

If you use Google Docs, then copy and pasting your entry straight from the document is an effective and simple way to enter, and will preserve all your formatting, including italics, indents, line breaks, and everything else. Just select your work in Google Docs and copy it, and then click the submission editor on our site to activate it, and paste your work in. Simple as that!

Do you use Microsoft Word, Libre/Open Office, Scrivener, Mac Pages, or another desktop application?

If you use a desktop app for your writing, then exporting your work to PDF by clicking 'File' and then the 'Save As/Export To' option is the best method of entering. Save the work somewhere safe, and then use the upload option when entering. Allow a few seconds for the file to upload, and then proceed as normal through submission. Easy!

If you have any more queries or questions, get in touch at

What about the Feedback Frontmatter?

If you're opting for our feedback this year and you've downloaded the feedback frontmatter, it's pretty straight forward. Just open the document in a desktop application, or if you're using Google Docs, you can upload it and open it, and then copy and paste your work onto the next clean page following the front matter, and then follow the above instructions depending on what writing application you're using.

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