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What's a User Dashboard and why do I need one?

If you'd like to enter a competition at Grindstone, you'll be asked to sign up for a User Dashboard. But why are we asking that?

Firstly you should know that it's completely FREE. No charges. At all. Ever. We promise. And you can delete your account at any time. It's super simple. On top of that...

The User Dashboard is really handy as it centralises your entries. When you enter, the entry appears in your 'My Entries' section. And when results are announced, they'll appear here under each entry! This is also where you'll view your feedback.

That means no missed results emails. Great, right?

The User Dashboard also allows you to create drafts of Entries. So if you'd like, you can upload an entry, leave it in drafts, and then submit it at a later date from a different device! So that means you can upload entries one week on your computer, and submit them from your phone the next if you want. Never miss a deadline again!

Want to sign up before you enter a competition? You can do that by heading to:

Or, you can do it when you're ready to enter a competition! Either is fine, and it just takes a minute.

For any questions, get in touch.

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