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The Writer's Revolt is changing.

Firstly, thank you to all those who have supported our magazine so far. We loved putting it together last year -- it was a real labour of love. However, things change, and now, we're at a crossroads.

Due to some restructuring of our time and a heavier focus on the provision of a better competition experience, as well as our dedication to the production of work that meets a high standard, we feel that putting out a magazine in 2019 isn't something that we can do while still meeting the mark of quality you've come to expect from us.

After some intense discussion, we've come to realise that our time is going to be better spent working towards a segmented presentation of features and information in the form of a more serious blog, and at a later stage, a podcast. This will also ease pressures on contributors, and will allow us to offer articles and insights in a more organic way, giving you the chance to interact in a constructive and communal manner.

We apologise to all those who have submitted work to the magazine, and hope you trust us when we say that there will be more opportunities in the future. If you have any concerns, please do get in touch with us at using the subject line QUERY: Magazine.

Thank you once again for all your support and your continued patience. Putting out a magazine is a huge effort, and we endeavour to return to the idea with gusto if we can in the future. For now, keep on writing.

All the best,


Grindstone Founder

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