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When and how can I get my hands on a copy of this Magazine you keep talking about?

So, if you've been following our escapades, you'll know that we're branching out and offering up for sale and consumption a glorious literary magazine!

But - like everything else Grindstone does, it's going to be a bit different. Now, content is invaluable, but unfortunately printing costs are higher than ever. I used to be a subscriber to several magazines, but unfortunately, being a poor writer, I had to cancel some over the last year or two due to the rising cost of each issues. You've no doubt cruised the shelves of the obligatory airport WH Smiths in recent years and gasped at the fact that most magazines are now in the £6-9 range!

Now, while I have no doubt that they're worth it, I don't read every single page because honestly, some of the stuff I'm just not that interested in. And when you can buy a paperback for just £4.99 on the next aisle over, for me, it's no competition. So, that left us in a bit of a quandary over here - do we A) pull out all the stops, produce a glorious, shiny magazine with pictures, bells, whistles, and everything else, and then charge you guys through the nose for our printing costs; or B) choose a much cheaper and less flashy printing method, and offer up something at a much smaller price?

We know which one you'd prefer - but we also know the value of something shiny, so here's what we're going to do; and read this part carefully, because we're going to need your help and support to make this one work:

On August 1st, we'll be putting the Magazine up for Pre-Order at a heavily discounted price. All you need to do is purchase it before a specific date, and then, on that date, the orders will be fulfilled.

However, once that date is passed, the price will be elevated to normal, and we won't be able to give any further discounts. Doing it in this fashion allows us to offset the production cost by ordering a larger quantity to begin with.

This is actually a gamble on our part, but hell, we believe in you, and we need you to believe in us! And, of course, you'll get stuff like stickers thrown in with it, too! Hell, maybe even a bookmark!

To provide this, we're going to have to make a concession or two on the production methods, but the content is still going to be amazing! And, later in the year, for those who want to get their hands on a collectors copy, we'll do a limited run of high-quality copies for you to keep, pride of place.

We love giving back to you, and we hope you're going to love the magazine.

Full line-up and contents will be announced before pre-orders go live - but right now I can tell you that it's going to contain some amazing articles from writers, some amazing interviews with agents, editors, and industry folk, as well as all the inside details on our competitions and judges, as well as loads, loads more!

See you soon,


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