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#GrindstoneGiveaway Winner Announced!

Well, it was a brief, yet thrilling ride, and now that the dust has cleared, we've crowned our winner! Much like the competition and the length limit on our entries, this announcement will be short (but sweet). So, without further prolonging of the inevitable, here is your winner!

Amanda Hare - @AmandaJHare

“You go first, sir!”

I look down the hill I just asked these kids to roll down to ‘live a little.’ A whole park of people might see this crazy, foolhardy action. I’m 42. A teacher.

My students faces are shining up at me.

I lie down. I can buy a new suit.

A hearty congratulations to our crowned winner. The tiny story here told of so much for us - and it resonated deeply with a sense of truth and familiarity. But, that wasn't to say it was the only great one we had. Some of our favourites are listed below, too...

Honorable Mentions:

Michael Ellison - @MikeEllison7

He lay watching the neon lights from shitty Seward Street dancing in October puddles.

A stranger crouched beside him, left hand just above where the blood came out.

He pulled out the knife and looked at his prize.

‘An iPhone 4! Shouldna fucken bothered’

Lorna Eifflaender - @lc_riley

I trail my hand over the side of the yacht, trying to catch the reflected rays that dance on the surface of the water and wonder if I have found love at last, in the arms of a stranger. Maybe this one won’t let me down. Maybe this one won’t have to die.

Shona Moss - @shomo94

She screams at me, it hurts, of course but in that moment I see myself, hear myself, hate myself. My daughter, in all her beauty, screams at me because I scream at her. I grab her, hold her tight and let her screams muffle into my breast. No more hate.

Fí Scarlett - @Scarlett_for_ya

As he scrubbed the pricks off the classroom wall he tried to remember that original spark. The longing to inspire. All Dangerous Minds like.

Who have ya next?

Fucking Franks.

Jaysus, the big paedo head on him.

2 years. Then glorious retirement. Bring it on to fuck.

Thanks to everyone to tuned in and competed! Our next #GrindstoneGiveaway will kick off on October 1st. Stay tuned!

Until next time, Dan

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