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FREE 5k Sticker Designs!

Hey guys - seeing as you've all been so amazing, providing us with a huge amount of support (both emotional and digital), we want to reward you - yeah, that's right - all 5,000 of you.

Now, being poor writers, we can't do anything too insane. The idea of free gold-plated notebooks was shot down before it could gain traction, so sorry about that - but, what we did decide would be awesome was a cool, limited edition sticker to mark the occasion.

Now, I love stickers. I've got them on my windows, my car, my laptop, my notebooks, my dog - everywhere. So, I couldn't resist putting something together to mark this milestone.

It was impossible for me to decide on one design, so we've got three to choose from. Check them out below - and then head over to Twitter to have your say on our Poll! The design that gets the most votes will get made, and then all you have to do is claim it. When that happens, you receive a sticker through our eStore, absolutely free - and that means shipping, too!

1. The Atom

Building block of the universe! The start of everything, and the one thing that binds us all.

2. The Amoeba

The first glimmer of life in the primordial soup. From humble beginnings we rose!

3. The Match

“We are the spark, that will light the fire that will burn the First Order down.” - Po Dameron

Terrible movie, great quote. A spark is all it takes to start a fire, and your support is the spark we need to keep burning bright... Or something.

Vote on our Twitter poll right here to let us know which design you'd like to get your hands on:

And as always, keep on writing!


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