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Competitions galore...

As you can see, we've got lots more competitions open than we used to. We've put in place a little bit more of a robust (and simple system), which hopefully makes entering, and keeping track of what's what a bit easier.

First off, if you're astute, you may have noticed the 'Tiers' system. This is denoted by the quills on the Competition images.

One quill means that it's a low entry fee, low prize pool competition. But, all entrants still compete for publication, as well as receiving generalised, supportive feedback on their work. Bonza. These competitions are a great entry point for anyone looking to gain some insight into why their work isn't getting much traction with readers, or for those unsure of whether they want to buy into all this 'Writing Competitions' malarky. Take it from us - it's not malarky, and it'll help you improve as a writer.

Two quills means it's a medium entry fee, medium prize pool competition. All entrants compete for publication as normal, but receive a little more feedback that's a little more critical. We'll be a pit harsher with marking, which makes the competition a little stiffer. For those who want to test their mettle, hone their skills, and put their name in the hat for a bigger slice of money-pie, this is your battleground. Bring your A-Game, and show us what you can do.

Three quills means you're in the big leagues. We're inviting the best of the best, getting some ace guest judges in, and offering a staggering combined £2000+ in money across our three 'Grindstone International Prizes'. If you want to get noticed as a writer, fund your writing for the next couple of months, and get yourself an accolade that'll reassure you that heck yeah you're a writer, and boy can you write, then this is the shrine at which you lay your offering. Feedback is lengthier, more punishing, and more nit-picky. Our judging will be harsher, and marking will be more punishing. Why, you ask? Well, because that's how we find greatness. If you know that a single error in your work will likely cost you the grand prize, then isn't that just a bit more of an incentive to go back and proofread once more, just for the sake of it? We'll be delving into the sub-plots, character interplay, and pulling on every loose thread we spot. You better have your work in perfect condition to submit here. But hell - that's a challenge. We're throwing down the gauntlet. You've got six months and a hell of a lot of words to play with, so show us what you're made of.

That's pretty much all of our competition tiers explained, briefly at least.

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