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Blogging should be personal, don't you think?

We talk a lot about community -- about being driven and powered by you guys. And though we always want to feel connected, sometimes that can be tough. We get swept up in things, in our own lives, and our other jobs and responsibilities. So, we wanted to change things up.

As you can see, we've softened and brightened the website, scaled back some things, and generally made ourselves more approachable and accessible. We had big dreams and we've done our best to chase them, but sometimes, long term sustainability is as much about calling time on some facets of Grindstone as it is about always trying to do more.

We miss the magazine already, but we hope that the blog can be a more casual way of connecting with you guys. I'll be using this to share what goes on in my life at Grindstone as much as we will for official business, because we really do mean it when we say that we're all about you guys.

We'll be bringing some cool content to these humble pages, too, and enabling comments, so you can add questions and engage with us, as well as the people we bring in.

If you want to get in touch with us to talk about something, then we'd love to hear from you, and we want to add community content to the blog, too, to make it more friendly and welcoming than ever.

We'll see you soon,


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