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2019 International Flash Fiction 500 Prize: Longlist Announcement

It's been a wonderful period of judging, filled with laughs, thrills, and otherworldly experiences. But now, the waiting is over, and with the initial judging complete, we have our longlist. As always, the names of the authors aren't being included to preserve anonymity and prevent bias, but if you see the name of your piece below, then congratulations -- you've been longlisted! Feel free to shout about it on social media, but do be careful to keep the title of your work off until after the final announcement, just in case. Congratulations to all the longlisters, and for those who didn't make it, your feedback will be released after the winners announcement on the 16th of September. Good luck!

Longlisted titles:

May Contain Nuts


The Rustling Of Leaves

Like A Pendulum


The Artistry of a Surgeon

A Life For A Life


The Squirrel House Is Not Full Of Nuts

The End and the Beginning


The Rhythm Of The Waves

Fat Girls Have Fine Nails

Seaweed and Solitude

Pale Blue Eyes Are Watching

A Cold Snap

Congratulations to all our longlisted writers. We loved each and every piece on the list above, and we can't wait to see what makes the shortlist and who claims the grand prize this year, awarded by Literary Agent Catherine Cho, of Curtis Brown Books! More information our our guest judges can be found on our competitions pages.

Winners will be announced on the 16th of September 2019.

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