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2020 Short Story Prize Winners

2020 Short Story Prize Winners

Grand Prize Winner

Sealskin - Imogen Harris

Runner Up A Better Me - Charlotte Breadner

Shortlist Qubit Nexus - T H Kunze

Someone With Something To Say - Lucy Grace

The Blood Shift - Clare Howdle

It Started With The Trees - Natasha Bonfield


What We Are - Manuela Saragosa

Something Unsaid - Richard Hooton

The Digger - Taylor Cunningham

Swimming With Ghosts - J.G. Willem

For A Patient - Julie Rea

Kaleidoscope Eye - Jupiter Jones

The Western Wall - T S Rosenberg

Rehearsal - Antony Crossley

A Safe Clean Place - Stephen Gibbin

The Homemaker - Farrah Scott-Meader

Exposure - Nicola Borasinski

Carnivore - Wendy Jones

19 Kilos - Catherine Colloms

Newly Weds - Lahari Mahalanabish

Our winners will have their work published in our yearly anthology.


A hearty congratulations to all of our prize winners. If you see any errors on the above list, please feel free to reach out to us at

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