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2020 Novel Prize Winners

2020 Novel Prize Winners

Thank you so much for your patience, and apologies for the slight delay. Finally, here they are, the winners of the 2020 Novel Prize Prize!

Grand Prize Winner

Seagull Pie - Sandra Jensen

Runner Up Original Sins - Linda McLaughlin

Shortlist When The Black Rain Falls - Rachel Blackmore

Nadia - Christine Evans

Milkflower - Cara Marks

The Last Drover Of Lewis - Lucy Alexander


The Truth Inside You - Amy Barrett

Ghost Girl, Banana - Wiz Wharton

Tumbling - Janelle Morris

An Infamous Seduction - Glenda Cooper

Umberto - Harriet Avery

A Bad Decade For Good People - Joe Bedford

Tiny Little Heroes - Cathy Adams

The Girl In The Maze - Cathy Hayward

Saviour Of The Broken - Ilana Lindsey

Negroes and Jews are Hereby Declared Aliens - Annie Dawid

What Passes Through - Ally Wilkes

The Confession - Patricia Easton

Simulacrum - Briony Collins

The Fragility Of Meaning - David Hanson

Severed - Cesar Montufar

Fireworks and Hurricanes - Cory Ingram

Three Eleven - Margaret Grant

Hunted - Brandon Reed Sherman

Hollow Hill - Antony Dunford

Ava - Stephen Gibbin

Shotline - Paul Baird

The Handyman’s Rules - Kerry Cox

Persons and Reasons - Ruru Hoong

The Dark Night Of The Blue Butterfly - Tracey McEvoy


A hearty congratulations to all of our prize winners. If you see any errors on the above list, please feel free to reach out to us at

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