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2019 International Short Story Prize: Longlist Announcement

It's been an amazing two months, but now, finally, the hour is upon us. Below you'll find the longlisted titles for this year's International Short Story Prize, and we must say, they're all great pieces. We loved reading everyone's work, and we hope the feedback you get shows you just how much. But alas, there can only be one winner, and the authors of the titles below move one step closer to claiming that honour.

Congratulations to all those who made the list!

The Perfect Wave


I Know You


Pack Up Your Troubles

Are You There, Dear?

Dark Roast

Burden of Truth

Hair and Now

The Spider and the Fly

Gauging the Temperature

The Habit of Art

Pig Dog

The Long Road to Kinloch Garrie

Sarah and Sally

The Good Old Days of Evil

Under the Big Tent

The Garden


The titles above are listed in no particular order, without the names of their authors for anonymity purposes. If you see the title of your work, feel free to Tweet or shout about it in whatever way you would like, though please don't identify yourselves as the author of any specific piece! We want this to remain anonymous until after the final announcement. Thanks for your cooperation.

The winners and shortlist will be announced on the 16th of October 2019. This year's winners will be chosen by Susan Yearwood, of the Susan Yearwood Literary Agency.

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