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2019 International Poetry Prize: Longlist Announcement

The judging for the poetry is always an inspiring thing. We approach the judging in a pragmatic way, and look at a wide range of features in the poems we score highly. But, that doesn't mean that only technically advanced poems, or only long poems, or only poems that make great use of space do well. We also look for poems that have that certain something. That one thing that's undefinable. We just like to call it heart. Above all else, we look for poems that have heart. And all the ones in the list below have it in spades. There are poems of different shapes, sizes, and styles, but they all have one thing in common. That they spoke to us in a powerful, real way.

Congratulations to all those who made the list!

2019 Longlist

Kicked Out of the City

A Pessimistic Appraisal

Destiny Unwanted

Memory : an ever loving wonder

Stuttered Sentences

Detective Cheng


Precious Metal

The First Time I Really, Properly Swam

Radio Talk Show


Dictionary in the El Paso Detention Centre

Alice & Magda

Passion in the grate

Drought Town

A Naturalist's Requiem or Lamentations of the Tattoo Queen

The titles above are listed in no particular order. We're very excited to announce this year's longlist, and are doing so without the names of any of the entrants attached in order to preserve anonymity up until the winners' announcement. So please, if you see your work below, feel free to shout about it on social media, tagging us of course, but do be sure not to claim your work. Thanks.

The winners and shortlist will be announced on the 16th of October 2019. This year's winners will be chosen by the wonderful Emily Jung Min Yoon. More information can be found about our guest judge on the competition page.

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