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2019 International Novel Prize: Winners Announcement

This is it. The one you've all been waiting for -- the post that contains the winner of this year's International Novel Prize.

We asked for the opening 3,000 words of your manuscripts, and boy did you deliver. We had everything from epic YA fantasy to thoughtful historical fiction, from pulse-pounding action thrillers, to pulse-drive propelled sci-fi. It was an exciting, pleasurable, and humbling experience to read all of the entries, and once again, we were reminded of just why we do this. To find great writing, and throw a spotlight on it.

So, with the help of the wonderful Lucy Morris, literary agent at Curtis Brown Books, we whittled the field down to 16 very promising pieces, and then down to a final 8. The titles and names that follow were all special. They all spoke to us, moved us, and filled us with emotions that it's sometimes hard to describe. But if there's one thing we can express without any uncertainty, its that every piece that follows deserves to be there. And we have no doubts that the authors of them will go on to do great things.

So, without further waffling from me (because gosh knows by now you've had more than your fill), your winners, as chosen by the fabulous Lucy Morris, are:

-Grand Prize Winner-


by Nikki May

-Runner Up-

God Of Thunder

by Vincent Stoia


Still Young by Jemma Stewart

Untold by Fiona Longsdon

The Penninsula by Trish McGrath

Dome 83 by Cara Schultz

Cuckoo by Anna Hickman

Postmark Guernsey, 1945 by Sarah Hawthorn

The titles above are listed in no particular order.

If you see your name above, then congratulations! You've made it, and that's a heck of an achievement. From hundreds of entries, if you find yourself in the final 8, then that's certainly a win in itself. All those above will receive an email regarding the next steps in the following days.

Those who didn't make the short or longlist, you have our commiserations. But, don't despair. This is just one competition, and there are many to come. And as I'm sure you know, writing is more about perseverance than any one opportunity, and its the determined who win out in the end. So keep on writing, and keep on trying.

Thank you to all those who participated in this year's novel prize. The 2019 Anthology will be published in January and will include all shortlisted pieces. Feedback will be released in the coming days. We will be releasing a podcast that will be free to listen to in the new year providing important information and updates on our past and our future competitions. If you have any queries, do get in touch.

Until next time,


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