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2019 International Novel Prize: Longlist Announcement

This is the big one. While we love short stories and flash fiction, the Novel prize is what offers the chance to move into a different phase of your life. Scoring a win like this is a huge accolade for any budding writer, and to get your work into the hands of a top literary agent with the blessing of having beaten out hundreds of other entries... Well, that's not something that's easily replaced.

So after months of judging and deliberation, of reading and re-reading and whittling down, we have our longlist. You'll find sixteen titles below without any names attached, in order to preserve anonymity, from which the shortlist will be chosen, and our winner crowned. That'll happen in just two weeks time, but for now, check out the list and see who made it.

2019 International Novel Prize Longlist

Postmark Guernsey, 1945 The Peninsula God of Thunder Rosalind Not Your Child Untold Afternoon A Good Day to Die Fail Deadly Cuckoo Dome 83 Starting From Here Wahala Still Young The Curator The Last Days of Touch

If you see the name of your work above, then congratulations! You've made it to the longlist, and are one step closer to the shortlist. It's a heck of an achievement to make it here, and you should know that many, many good entries were considered during the selection process for this list. For those who didn't make it, you'll receive your feedback after the final announcement is made.

The titles above are listed in no particular order, without the names of their authors for anonymity purposes. If you see the title of your work, feel free to Tweet or shout about it in whatever way you would like, though please don't identify yourselves as the author of any specific piece! We want this to remain anonymous until after the final announcement. Thanks for your cooperation.

The winners and shortlist will be announced on the 16th of December 2019. This year's winners will be chosen by Lucy Morris, of Curtis Brown Books.

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