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2019 International Flash Fiction 500 Prize: Winners & Shortlist

2019 International Flash Fiction 500 Prize

It was a wonderful competition filled with a lot of really fantastic entries, but after much deliberation, we are so excited to announce this year's winning pieces.

Grand Prize Winner


By Jim Noonan

Runner Up

The Squirrel House Is Not Full Of Nuts

By Sherry Morris


Intractable by Michael Thompson

May Contain Nuts by Sarah McDermott

Artistry of the Surgeon by Will Macmillan Jones

Nightlife by John Everex

The Rustling Of Leaves by Charlotte Bird

Like a Pendulum by Karmen Spiljak

Congratulations to all those who placed. The winners' work will be available to read on the blog soon, and will feature in our 2019 Anthology.

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