Intelectual Property Policy

We really mean it when we say Grindstone is run by writers, for writers. That's why we aim to make our handling of copyright as minimally impacting to your writing as possible.

Of course it is an unavoidable facet of any creative endeavour, so here we explain what we need to do what we do.


It's really quite simple. The following points are how we handle it.


1. The permission to store and process your work. There are a number of ways we do this and reasons for doing so.

2. The permission to publish your work in an anthology, should we wish to share your work.


You must accept point 1 in order to use our service (it is part of our Terms and Conditions). You are free to revoke our priveldges here, simply by deleting your entry using your dashboard. Be warned though, this will prevent any of the other benefits from using our system, such as performance metrics and records of feedback.


Point 2 is always requested directly - we do not get this right just by your entering. Of course we want to share your great work and give you a publication credit, so we request the irrevocable right to publish the piece in a single collection. That is to say, you allow us to publish it in a specific book and we are free to reproduce that publication indefinitely, however it extends only to that collection. We would require further permission to use it for anything else.

You would not be able to revoke this right for us to print this work within this collection.



There may be some Caveats!

Be sure to read the entry terms of everything we run.
By entering a submission to our magazine you provide us the right to publish the work in the Magazine for example.


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