2019 International Flash Fiction Prize

General Information

  • Our 2019 International Flash Fiction Prize is open to writers from all over the world. We accept international submissions from any country, though we must ask that all submissions be made in English, as this is the language in which the competition will be judged.

  • There is no limit to the number of entries any one entrant is allowed to make. 

  • Our competitions are run and judged internally. Our judging team is comprised of professional authors and writers, and personalised feedback is provided for every valid entry.

  • Competitions are entry funded. This means that all of our prize pools, running costs, and judges' payments are covered by the entry fees.

  • All entries must be submitted via our submission platform. We are unable to accept email/postal entries.

  • All payments must be made via PayPal at time of entry. We are unable to accept any other form of payment. If you do not have a valid PayPal account, you will be able to make a payment as a PayPal Guest using your credit/debit card at the time of entry. Please select this option at the payment stage of the entry process.

  • Please read the competition disclaimer prior to entry by clicking here or using the Competitions tab of the menu above. Entry into one of our competitions constitutes confirmation that you have read and understood all that is included in our terms.

Competition & Prize Information

  • The closing deadline for our 2019 International Flash Fiction Prize is:

    • Midnight, GMT (23:59pm) on the 28th of June 2019.

  • Entries are charged at £8.00 each.

  • Initial judging will span the following eight weeks, and the longlist announcement will take place on the 1st of September 2019.

  • In the two weeks following, a shortlist will be derived through majority vote, and then provided to a special guest judge, so that they may decide the winner. 

  • Shortlists and winners will be announced on the 16th of September 2019.

  • All entrants will be provided with some personalised feedback on their entry.

  • Those writers who place on the shortlist will be offered publication in our 2019 Anthology as well as an invitation to feature in our next Atmos Collection.

  • All prizes:

    • Grand Prize: £500

    • Runner Up: £50

    • Shortlist: Publication in our 2019 Anthology + Invitation to the next Atmos Collection 

Entry Information

  • Short stories/flash fiction pieces of any genre up to 500 words in length are eligible for entry.

  • Work exceeding this length will not be eligible to place on our longlist or higher.

  • Submissions should include, in a single file: Submission Title, Genre, Submission.

  • Stories of all genres are accepted, however, please do not submit work aimed at MG audiences or younger.

  • ALL work must be submitted anonymously. There is a zero tolerance policy in place for work that breaches this rule.

  • Work must be submitted WITHOUT any identifying information attached. Work which included names, contact information, or otherwise, will constitute a disqualification from placing. The entry will still be judged, but the piece will be ineligible to place in the longlist or higher.

Submission Information

  • All entries MUST be made through our integrated submission platform. 

  • To enter, an account must be registered, which grants you access to our submission platform, as well as to our entry management system, which will be used to create drafts and view competition feedback following results announcement.

  • We do not support guest entries, though there is NO CHARGE for account registry, and no ongoing cost to maintain an account with us.

  • We offer both a copy/paste and file upload option for entries.

  • If you use Google Docs or another online document/text editor, then copying and pasting into our submission editor at the time of entry will render perfect results. 

  • If you use Word, Pages, Scrivener, Open/Libre Office, or similar, then exporting your entry as a PDF and uploading it to our platform at the time of entry will provide the best results.

  • Entries are stored securely on our database, though should you wish to remove them, simply delete them in the 'My Entries'/'My Drafts' section of the user Dashboard. NOTE: Any deleted entries/drafts cannot be retrieved. If you delete an entry prior to the feedback being announced, no feedback will be provided. We are not able to retrieve deleted feedback. 

Formatting Information

  • All entries should be formatted in Times New Roman, Size 12, 2.0/1.5 spacing. Please do not submit entries using other fonts or spacing options.

  • Please include all of the above-stated constituents, in a single file, in the following order: Submission Title, Genre, Submission.

  • This is requested for the ease of reading of our judges. We thank you for your cooperation in this regard.

Payment Information

  • All payments must be made through PayPal.

  • Prize winnings are paid using PayPal. There is no charge for registering a PayPal account, and it provides a secure form of payment receipt.

  • Payments are final. No refunds will be given if you wish to withdraw your entry from the competition. If you feel that extenuating circumstances apply to you, please get in touch.

Special Guest Judge Information

  • This year's Flash Fiction Prize winner will be chosen by a special guest judge yet to be announced.

  • Their role as special guest judge involves the choosing of the winners from the already derived shortlist.

  • A small provision of additional feedback may be provided to those who place in the shortlist.

  • Our special guest judges reserve the right to contact any writers directly, should they choose to, though are under no obligation to enter into further discussions regarding their decisions.

  • All competition feedback is provided by the Grindstone Judging Team.


Once announced, you will be able to read more information regarding our special guest juge below

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Thanks for the support!

We're continually enamoured by the support and generosity of the writing community, so we just wanted to take a second to say a big thank you to two contributors. Both Almond Press, and Christopher Fielden are kind enough to list our competitions on their sites, and in doing so, help to spread the Grindstone name. They've been instrumental in our growth and success, and we can't thank them enough. Though, we hope this message goes a small way to doing so! 

Catherine Cho


I’m drawn to atmospheric settings and great storytelling. I love books that transport you – I enjoy stories with magical realism and speculative elements (time travel or high concept). I'm drawn to historical fiction, and I also enjoy science fiction and fantasy (Robin Hobb, Justin Cronin, Claire North). I would love to find novels that transcend genre, like Kazuo Ishiguro, David Mitchell or Margaret Atwood.


Please refrain from contacting Catherine about the competition or your entry prior to, or during the judging phase. Read our interview with Catherine here.


Twitter: @CatkCho                   Website: https://www.curtisbrown.co.uk/agent/catherine-cho

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