The Atmos Collections

The Atmos Collections are a new addition to the Grindstone family. We love short fiction, and while the book industry is on the up in the UK, we want to do our part for the short story and poetry markets. So, every so often, we'll be putting together a new, themed collection. But, while most collections are either by a single author containing interrelated stories, or by a variety of authors containing completely separate ones, we're melding the two together to create something special. 


The Atmos Collections will feature the best and brightest new voices in fiction and poetry, and will be a collection of stories written around a single theme or plot, giving those authors and poets a chance to feed off each other's work and create a collaborative story collection that will push the boundaries of what short story and poetry collections can be. Shared worlds, shared characters, shared events. They're free to explore and create within the constructs of the overarching narrative. But otherwise, all bets are off. And, what makes it even more special, is that it's an audience driven endeavour. Once a volume is published, you, the readers, will have a chance to voice your opinions on where the stories should go next. 


We hope to bring reader and writer closer together, to create a sense of community within the pages of these collections, to do something that hasn't been done before.


These are the Atmos Collections, and they're about to change everything.

Atmos Collections Terms & Disclaimer:

All decisions made regarding submitted work are final. No discussions over the reasons for our decisions will be entered into. All submissions are rendered anonymous prior to judging and the work is then judged solely on its own merit and appropriateness to the collection in question. By entering a piece of work, you grant us permission to publish it, however, we reserve the right to overturn our decision for any reason prior to publication. 


No payments will be made to contributors. All proceeds from sales are used to cover production and administration costs, and to advertise and promote the collections. 


If a piece submitted is currently published, or you are a published author, this does not discount you from submitting to our collection, although it does not guarantee success if we feel that other pieces were stronger in any particular instance. Please obtain consent from the current publisher prior to submitting. We hold no responsibility for plagiarism of work and submission of work which you do not own will be disqualified. All decisions are final and are not available for dispute. Each entrant may only submit up to two entries per collection. Violation of this may constitute a disqualification for the additional entries.  All submissions must be eligible for entry to a competition according to the work's copyright if it's already subject to a copyright agreement. All entries are maintained in our database for the purpose of the 'User Dashboard' and 'My Entries' section in the dashboard, as well as for anonymised data collection and tagging, which will help to improve the accuracy of our service moving forward. Users/Entrants can remove work from their own dashboards at their discretion, which will also remove it from our database. Deleted work cannot be retrieved. Guest entrants who wish to have their work removed can get in contact with us at any time. By entering a competition or submitting work to Grindstone, you agree to be added to our mailing list, from which you can unsubscribe at any time using the 'Unsubscribe' link at the bottom of our promotional emails, or by getting in touch. If you do not understand anything stated above, then please refrain from entering our competition until you have reached us for clarification. Grindstone Literary Ltd will not share or pass on any of your personal details, but reserve the right to contact entrants via the email address provided to us at time of entry. 


By entering a competition or submitting work to Grindstone, you are confirming that you have read, and are willingly agreeing to everything stipulated in this disclaimer. 


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