1-Hour One-To-One Feedback Session - £50.00

During our one-to-one feedback session, we’ll explore a poem of your choice in depth, covering both technical and literary elements. We will break the poem down, discuss the aims and motivations, and then look to improve it as much as is possible within the timeframe. Work must be sent ahead of time so that we can prepare notes, and following the session a final review will be provided.



3-Hour One-To-One Mentoring & Development Program (Single Poem) - £140.00

We will engage in three one-hour sessions wherein we will explore an idea you have for a poem, and then work on crafting it from scratch, and taking it to an edited stage. This program is an intensive course and will cover basic technical and literary elements, as well as offer broader insights into poetry as a form.


6-Hour One-To-One Mentoring & Development Course (Multiple Works) - £260.00

Over the course of six weeks, we will discuss the basic elements of poetry as well as the basic forms, and explore your ideas, arming you with the tools to begin writing. We can craft up to three separate poems, and develop them from idea to edited drafts, looking at the finer points of the form in greater detail to better arm you with a working knowledge that you can carry forward.


10-Hour One-To-One Developmental Course (Multiple Works) - £440.00

Over the course of ten weeks, we will cover all of the basic elements and forms of poetry, explore your ideas and help to develop your style. Tasks will be assigned weekly, and we will go through a process of review and refinement, helping to establish a structured plan for you to follow in all your future works. In the later stages of the course, we can craft up to three separate poems and take them from idea to edited draft. 

If you would like to book any of the above programs or courses, please get in touch with us at admin@grindstoneliterary.com using the subject: Poetry Mentoring, and we'll be glad to respond as soon as we are able.