We Maintain Strong Working Relationships With Top Agents


We began working with Curtis Brown Books in 2017, and have forged solid working relationships with several agents. 


Anna Davis has helped provide discounts and opportunities for our writers on CBCreative Courses, and represents crime, thriller, book club, and literary fiction.

Lucy Morris judged our 2018 Novel Prize, and represents crime, thriller, upmarket commercial, literary fiction, and ready group fiction.


We first worked with Catherine Cho during her time at Curtis Brown, then during her year at Madeleine Milburn, and are still proud to be working with her today.

In 2020, Catherine signed Nikki May, who won our 2019 Novel Prize, and went on to secure two seven-figure deals for her novel Wahala in the UK and US. Catherine is a driven, focused, and hugely perceptive agent with a keen eye for talent. She is keen to take on new and budding authors, and a debut couldn't ask for a better agent.


Hellie Ogden of Janklow and Nesbitt judged our 2021 Novel Prize, and represents crime, thriller, upmarket commercial, reading group, literary fiction, and pretty much everything else.

Hellie is always happy to receive new work, and keen to contribute however we can. We love her enthusiasm and insatiable work ethic, and any author she takes on will no doubt benefit from them too!


Emma Finn of Conville and Walsh judged our first Novel Prize back in 2017, and we're delighted to have kept a strong line of communication open with her since then, passing along the literary fiction, upmarket commercial, crime and thriller, and pretty much any other types of novel we feel are compelling.

Emma reads widely, has varied tastes, and an excellent track record of spotting rising talent and securing great deals for them. Versatile and just an all around lovely person, Emma is a great agent that we would be proud to be represented by.


We first worked with associate agents Marina De Pass and Niamh O'Grady in 2021 for the first Crucible Award. They are both actively looking to build their lists, and are bringing an unrivalled level of ambition and drive to the table. Keen to find up and coming authors across all genres, Marina and Niamh will be in your corner from day one and will fight hard to shape your writing and secure you the best deals they can.


We began working with Eve White of the Eve White Agency in 2021. We have been a fan of Eve's work for some time, and were delighted to finally solidify a working relationship.

Eve represents everything from cutting literary fiction to raw commercial crime and thriller. She brings a host of experience to her list, and has a long and irrefutable track record of securing deals for her clients. Any author would be lucky to have her as an agent.


We have been proudly working with Susan Yearwood for a few years now. Susan maintains a personalised list of authors with whom she works very closely. With a wealth of experience as an agent, she works closely and passionately with her authors to mould their work into defining and wonderful novels.

If you are looking for an agent with whom you can work side by side from submission to publication, Susan is a great choice.


We first opened a line of communication with the Good Agency in 2021 and have since been glad to send them anything we feel fits with their ethos.

Championing diversity and work from writers from marginalised and underrepresented backgrounds, The Good Agency are a growing force in the publishing world who are precipitating change in all the right ways.


A stalwart in the industry, the Ampersand Agency enjoy a prestigious reputation for securing high-profile deals for their clients across all genres. We're happy to send along the pieces we feel passionate about, and any writer with the opportunity to benefit from the knowledge and experience they have should definitely seize it.


Joffe Books is a digital-first independent publisher of commercial thriller, crime, and mystery novels. With a back catalogue full of high profile and super successful publications, the team at Joffe have built a reputation for quality.

We maintain a great line of communication with head of commissioning, Emma Grundy-Haig, and send along anything we feel has the sort of commercial potential they look for.